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Discover these 6 carpet cleaning mistakes you need to avoid at all cost!

Carpets in your house add great value to the overall look and feel of your house. 

That is why it’s essential to keep them clean and fresh. Imagine you have carpets with dirt and stains with a bad smell. It doesn’t create a pleasant environment to live in. That is why you need to clean your carpets regularly. 

We have met many clients who tried carpet cleaning methods at the house which led to the ruin of the carpet. Cleaning a carpet might look easy for people. But there are many factors to think about before cleaning. For example, you need to use cleaning products that match the material of the carpet. 

So, it is better to hire a professional carpet cleaning service for serious cases. In this blog, we created a list of Carpet cleaning mistakes you need to avoid at all costs.

Carpet Cleaning Mistakes you need to avoid

Carpet Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid
Carpet Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

1. Not wearing gloves and masks when using harsh chemicals.

If you are not using steam cleaning, you have to use harsh chemicals. That’s why we recommend carpet steam cleaning for our clients. Anyway, many carpet owners forget to wear gloves and masks when using carpet cleaning products with chemicals. 

The chemicals in these cleaning solutions burn your skin and damage it. Also, they cause respiratory problems. So, it is always safer to wear gloves and masks when cleaning your carpets. 

2. Using the wrong cleaning products

When you clean carpets at home, you might not think much and use whatever cleaning product you have at home. It might be too harsh for the condition. 

Strong cleaning products can harm carpets made of synthetic fibers because they have acid in them. Similarly, harsh detergents can also be harmful to carpets made of wool.

Just because a cleaning product has a strong smell could not be suitable for your carpet and the stain you’re dealing with.

If you are unsure what is the best solution for your carpet, it’s always better to hire a professional carpet cleaner.

3. Not vacuuming before cleaning the carpet.

Skipping the vacuuming part is one of the common carpet cleaning mistakes people make. Vacuuming your carpets helps remove dirt and trash that has settled between the fibers, getting rid of unwanted particles from your floors. It helps to keep your carpets clean without deep cleaning.

4. Not pre-treating stains.

Pre-treating the stains on your carpet is essential! You can use a cleaning product to remove the stain slowly before going for a deep cleaning. It helps make tough stains like food, drinks, pet urine, and odors easier to clean up.

5. Not testing the cleaning product on a small area first.

Carpet cleaning is not something you can do in a rush. You need to take time and identify the perfect cleaning product for your carpets.

Before using a cleaning product on your carpets, test it on a small area first. Some carpet fibers react to the cleaning chemicals in unexpected ways and damage the carpet.

So, make sure you put some cleaning chemicals in a small area before using them on the whole carpet.

6. Waiting too long to clean.

When something spills on your carpet, it’s important to clean it up quickly. Even though vacuuming helps with dirt, it can’t handle spills. The faster you clean a spill, the less chance it has to ruin your carpet permanently. That is especially true for food and drinks, which can stain if left too long.

Try to clean the spill with a dry cloth first. Then, you can use cleaning products to treat the stain properly. Even if a stain doesn’t seem serious at first, waiting too long or not cleaning it the right way can make it stick forever. So, always deal with spills as soon as you can.

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